Rocket Panda Post provides in house Dailies services with our experienced team. We work with flexible deliverables to any NLE which we offer consultation and creation of any customizable workflows.


We provide editing services for a variety of content. We're primarily based in an Avid and Resolve environment, but also efficient in the Adobe platform.


We handle every flavor of media used in today’s production environments. Rocket Panda Post assembles shows from the original camera files, managing diverse sources, effects, and color spaces to create a seamless product for final grading, titling, and delivery in any format.


Our Colorists thrive to collaborate with creatives to help bring their vision to the screen. Our workflows function in SDR or HDR in any resolutions and color space. This allows us to preserve both creative and technical intentions and bring the best quality images to all viewing environment.


We handle the delivery of any format for all deliverables compliant with QC requirements along with our Closed Caption Encoding service.

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